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Study programs

We have five study programs for children from 3 to 17 years old and an additional study program for adults who are interested in learning Bulgarian language and culture. Also, the Bulgarian Enlightenment Center provides online education.

Our Teachers

Desislava Tancheva


Iglika Slavcheva

Level 1

Snezhana Gospodinova

Level 2

Sofia Hadjieva

Level 3

Milena Minkova

Level 4
Level 5

Sofiya Shamanovska

Adults and Online Education


Our mission is to spread the Bulgarian language, literature, history, and culture among children with Bulgarian roots and among everybody else who is interested in it.

Qualified Teachers

Our school’s wealth is its high-qualified teachers, who are dedicated to sharing with the students their knowledge about the beautiful world of Bulgarian language, traditions, and culture.

Friendly Environment

Our school provides a friendly environment where our students are surrounded by caring teachers who make them feel comfortable, confident and safe.

Reach Us and Share

We are welcoming new ideas and suggestions about anything related to the school. Your opinion is important for us!