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Who are we in the Bulgarian Enlightenment Center

Who are we?

The Bulgarian Enlightenment Center “Ivan Vazov” became a fact in the school year 2011/2012 thanks to a project funded by the Ministry of Education and Youth with the beneficiary of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Denmark and implemented with the help of Bulgarsk Skoleforening (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The Bulgarian School “Ivan Vazov” was created with the purpose of disseminating Bulgarian language, literature, history and culture among children with Bulgarian roots who are living in Denmark and any other interested people.

The textbooks are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science for teaching Bulgarian language abroad but we do not work with the Ministry of Education and Science. Bulgarian Enlightenment Center Ivan Vazov is a private school.

Board of Directors

Miroslav Kovachev


Hristina Nikova

Vice Chairman

Hristina Vasileva

Board member

Janeta Bratanova

Board member

Nikolay Penkov

Board member

Elena Tochiiska

Board member

Gergana Smilkova

Board member


Svetla Trasborg


Desislava Tancheva


Iglika Slavcheva

Level 1

Snejana Gospodinova

Level 2

Sofia Hadjieva

Level 3

Milena Minkova

Level 4
Level 5

Sofiya Shamanovska

Online Education